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The City Art Books

The Birmingham Art Book, the seventh in The City Art Book series will be published in July 2022. The book will show this fabulous city through the eyes of 58 artists working in a range of media and styles. The foreword to the book has been written by Brummie comedian Joe Lycett.

Birmingham art book

Cover image designed by Emma Bennett (

On seeing the draft version of The Birminhgam Art Book, the following celebrities have said...  

‘This book shows a unique view of Birmingham, a city that still holds a substantial bit of my heart’ 

Dame Julie Walters

'This is like being given a pair of magic spectacles through which you can see Birmingham’s unusual, oft hidden, oft unappreciated beauty, more clearly and more exhilarating than you ever did before' 

Frank Skinner

'We are a city that’s quietly understated yet brilliant! If you want to know about it , stand and stare, you’ll know why so many still want to live here'

Ruby Turber

'I am proud to be associated with a city that can produce such stunning, artistic creations and in such numbers - remarkable'

Jasper Carrott

'Amazing and thought provoking images from 58 incredible artists, proving that Birmingham really is at the centre of it all'

Josie Lawrence

'The Birmingham Art Book is a visual feast of historic and futuristic beauty, created bylocal artists who live within the heart of this bustling, vibrant city'

Toyah Willcox

The Birmingham Art Book will be published in 2022 by Independent publisher UIT. (

The City Art Book Series

How The City Art Books began........

Emma Bennett, creator and editor of the City Art Books is a Brummy by birth, who has lived in Cambridge for the past 16 years working a commercial visual artist. In 2016 Emma had the idea for The Cambridge Art Book, a simple concept to:

- show the city through the eyes of the artists it inspires

- show the diverse range of artists working in different media and styles

- help fellow artists get their work seen by a broader audience

- get people of all ages walking around cities to stand in the footsteps of an artist for a while (each book has an illustrated map included)

After a lot of coffee and huge support and encouragement from the local artists community The Cambridge Art Book was published in 2017, showing the city through they eyes of 53 talented artists; from amateur to professional, urban sketcher to student. Within weeks of the books launch (and following a great launch party with all the artists), Emma was contacted by some Oxford artists asking 'What about Oxford?' Fast forward to September 2018 and The Oxford Art Book was published.

Since then we have worked with wonderful artists to produce The Edinburgh Art Book, The Liverpool Art Book (with an introductory note by Sir Paul McCartney) and The Dublin Art Book, with The Bristol and Bath book due to come out in 2021.

"From a little idea, we have now worked with over 300 fabulous artists to get their work beautifully represented and show cities in a new and exciting contemporary way. It has been great hearing from artists about new exhibition opportunities, art groups formed and increased sales as a direct result of the books. What a privilege to work not only with local artists but also spend time in these incredible cities.

I was born in Bournville in Birmingham and grew up in the area until I left at 18 for University. Many of my family still live in the city and so I enjoy regular trips back to the city of my birth." Emma Bennett

The Oxford Art Book


Endorsements for The City Art Books

Any book about my home town Liverpool is bound to tickle my fancy but this idea of different artists’ interpretations puts a special angle to this great city that I love’

Sir Paul McCartney

'If you love Liverpool then you’ll love this wonderful book'

Paul O’Grady

'A book to treasure' 

Stephen Fry

'Just gorgeous' 

Joanna Lumley

'How completely magnificent'

Claudia Winkleman

'There’s a feast within these pages, celebrating the great city of Oxford and the artists it inspires; open your eyes and rejoice'

Miriam Margolyes

‘A dreamy, inspiring ode to the dreamy spires.’

Helen Fielding

'Oxford is a victim of its beauty: the pavements crammed with bemused tourists, filthy buses jamming the streets. But the artists behind these images have not been deterred: this is a treasury of new ways of seeing'

Jeremy Paxman

‘A great book with some beautiful pictures of our home city’

Craig and Charlie Reid ‘The Proclaimers’

'What a nice idea, Oxford's so lovely, it makes me feel very nostalgic'

Rick Stein

'Vibrant, edgy, full of life ...this book’s a fitting tribute to a British city like no other'

Jane Garvey

'A visual love letter to a beautiful city'

Stephen McGann

‘A unique view of the city's diverse landscape through the eyes of its artists’ 

John Barnes

‘The talent of the artists lifts the city of Liverpool off the page, through colour, light and imagination.  A brilliant book’

Lynda La Plante CBE

'Inspiration is everywhere, nowhere more so, than on the streets of Liverpool, now captured within the pages of this
brilliant book'

Shaun Evans, ‘Endeavour’

'This book has so many wonderfully creative images of my home-town - love it!'

Gerry Marsden MBE

'Think the arts, music, sport and laughter. Two Cathedrals and then add European City of Culture – it must be Liverpool and God bless it'

Jimmy Tarbuck, OBE

' It’s a brilliant idea to let today’s artists show us the grand sights - and the intimate ones as well' 

John Simpson

The Oxford Art Book

At the front and back of each book is a beautifully illustrated map of the city, created by illustrator Jenny Seddon. The maps encourage people to walk around the cities and see how the artists have interpreted the different sites and places. oxford



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